Fans Organize Boycott Of K-Pop’s “Big 4” Companies In Support Of Palestine

Fans are calling on the “Big 4” to end support of boycotted brands.

Global protests and boycotts continue to be organized against companies that have ties with or have supported Israel during the ongoing Israel-Palestine crisis. The most recent estimates of lives lost in the Gaza Strip in Palestine during the ongoing Israel-Palestine crisis since October have exceeded 25,000 people.

Movements such as the Palestinian-led BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement have advocated for targeted consumer boycotts in an effort to “stop selling products from companies profiting from Israel’s crimes.

A few of the companies that are being boycotted. | BDS Movement

Brands that are currently being boycotted due to their perceived complicity in the oppression of Palestinians include American companies such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, Hewlett Packard, Burger King, Disney, and more.

K-Pop fans have continued holding companies and artists accountable for supporting or continuing to consume, engage with, profit from, promote, or partner with brands being boycotted.

Recent examples include fans contacting the companies of idols continuing to engage with boycotted brands, such as Starbucks and McDonald’s, in order to raise awareness and call for artists to stop engaging with the brands.

Fans have recently organized a boycott against Korea’s “Big 4” companies, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and HYBE, for their support of brands currently on the boycott list.

The boycott against the “Big 4,” which has been using #strikeagainstthe4 to organize information and bring awareness to the cause, calls for fans to “stand in solidarity with the citizens of Palestine” by declaring a strike on purchasing merchandise or buying or streaming music by the companies’ artists from January 23-28.

Fans have compiled a list of artists who are currently signed with the “Big 4” companies or whose music rights are currently owned by the companies for people to avoid during the boycott.

Many are urging others to participate in the movement and are sharing more information about the purpose and benefits of the boycott.

Netizens have also recently called on SM Entertainment to end their association with McDonald’s. Check out more on that below:

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Source: BDS Movement