Fans Outraged China’s Produce 101 For Blatantly Plagiarizing NCT

The group straight up copied NCT!

China’s version of Produce 101 may have officially wrapped up, but that hasn’t stopped netizens from calling the show and Tencent Entertainment out for copying NCT.


The girls were recently featured in a video that introduced and showcased each member.


The problem is that the video showed remarkable similarities to NCT’s “Yearbook 2” video.


NCTzens were quick to point out the resemblance between the two videos. They first took a look at the backgrounds and showed the two were alike.


Then they examined the introduction and name placements and found a correlation.


NCTzens showed the concepts were the same in both videos.


And the poses between the groups were similar.


A member from each video also had a writing scene.


Even the camera angles and sequencing were almost identical!


After seeing all of the parallels between the two videos, NCTzens were shocked and called China’s Produce 101 out for plagiarism.


Fans also began to ask SM Entertainment to look into the plagiarism.


NCTzens aren’t the only ones that have taken up arms over the issue. The topic #Produce101Plagiarism is even trending on China’s social media site Weibo right now!

  • “I am really angry and feel so disgusted. They shouldn’t have copied. #Produce101Plagiarism #NCT.” 一 位姨母心的市民哦

  • “Really seeing this is very embarrassing, but there is no way to excuse it. It is a fact. #Produce101Plagiarism.” — 哎哟我个小叶子

  • “Regarding the recent disputes, we have emailed the company in three languages: Chinese, Korean, and English. At the same time, please do not sit still. Whether or not the company gives a response, we will always stand on the side of the NCT.” — NCT吧官博


Luckily, no one seems to believe that the girls are at fault and are solely blaming the show and the entertainment company behind the show.


While neither Idol Producer nor Tencent Entertainment have made statements regarding the plagiarism issue, netizens are waiting for an explanation and an apology for copying NCT.


Take a look at the videos side by side and see the startling similarities below.

Source: @moongmoonie and @xtn_nct