Fans outraged after “Gag Concert” censors JYJ Junsu’s name on latest broadcast

An incident on the latest Gag Concert episode has fans outraged as they demand the show to apologize to JYJ‘s Kim Junsu.

On the April 26th episode of the popular KBS show, comedian Park Sung Ho said during a skit, “When male celebrities play soccer, Minho (SHINee) is manly, XIA Junsu is cool, and Lee Deok Hwa…” where the “XIA” is noticeably muted, leading the following pronunciation of “Junsu” to sound as if it was muted as well.

To this, fans immediately bombarded the community board for the show to protest, where they wrote, “This is offensive to both the singer and fans!!! Please apologize,” “Junsu is not a criminal,” “What did he do so wrong that he must be censored from broadcasting? I don’t understand.” The amount of posts protesting over the latest censor continues to rise since the 26th.

In regards to the censorship, the show’s PD Jo Jun Hee explained to Star News that “we thought the name ‘XIA’ would hurt fans, so we censored it, but instead we caused a misunderstanding.”

“During the editing process, we thought that nowadays, Junsu is known as ‘XIA’ not Junsu or ‘XIA Junsu’ [for his music promotions]. Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong are active under their own names, so we believed using ‘XIA Junsu’ would only hurt fans. So we censored ‘XIA’ but only for ‘Junsu’ to barely be heard as well. Only ‘XIA’ was muted. It seems we have unintentionally created a misunderstanding with fans.”

To this response, fans said:

[+4137, -173] You should have just called him Junsu from the beginning..

[+3231, -259] It’s been years already.. This is really pathetic.

[+2393, -198] He’s doing fine..why can’t people just leave him alone

[+675, -37] I guess you get in big trouble if you say Junsu’s name on broadcast

Source: Star News