Fans outraged over safety issues and poor management at Kim Soo Hyun’s event

The organisers for Kim Soo Hyun’s exclusive fan meet in China were under fire for delaying their scheduled event for more than three hours. 

On October 10th, Kim Soo Hyun reportedly flew to China for an exclusive event for one of his drink endorsement. It was explained that the event was initially scheduled at 7PM but was temporarily postponed due to security concerns. Kim Soo Hyun, however, was reported to have been ready for the event since 3PM.

Apparently, the event was not permitted to continue due to the lack of security personnel able to cater to the number of fans present. With the event advised to be cancelled due to safety concerns, the organisers decided to move to a partner hotel outside the hotel and despite its location and facilities, a stage was not ready.

The event eventually started at 10 in the evening leaving Kim Soo Hyun to apologise for the mishap. He also explained that feeling a bit tired and unwell that day, he decided to continue with the event and met with the fans for at least 20 minutes.

Fans, however, cannot help but be angry towards the organisers for the chaotic situation

Source: XSportsNews