Fans Place Truck Outside YG Entertainment Building To Demand Better Treatment For WINNER

YG Entertainment responded.

Inner Circles have had enough.

From January 29-31, Inner Circles placed a truck outside the YG Entertainment building to protest the company’s alleged mistreatment of WINNER.

In their statement, they shared that they resorted to this drastic measure after two years of not hearing any reply from the company.

Suggestions for improvement in 2018 and 2019 were delivered to YG Entertainment through various methods such as fax and mail, but we did not receive any direct or indirect feedback.

– Inner Circles

Their urgency stems from the fact that the members’ military enlistment is fast approaching.

As seen on the LED truck, fans are demanding that YG Entertainment announce WINNER’s future plans, release more content on Youtube, provide feedback and address the points of improvement fans have continuously suggested, and purify related keywords on portal sites, among others.

The truck circled the building from 9AM to 5PM KST on each day.

On January 30, YG Entertainment released a statement in response to fans’ concerns, reassuring them that there is much in store for WINNER.

Hello, this is YG Entertainment.

We wanted to inform you that preparations for WINNER’s new album and solo projects are going smoothly as planned.

Despite having presented two albums last year and currently holding their Asia Tour, the members of WINNER are utilizing every moment they have in between their schedules to work on new music until early in the morning to be able to present fans with new music as fast as they possibly can.

In addition to their Seoul encore concerts on the 14th and 15th of February, YG Entertainment’s widespread support is set to carry on in order to assist with WINNER’s new project in 2020, as well as plans for the members’ solo albums.

YG Entertainment has the utmost respect for its artists and their fans, and we are always respectfully listening to all you have to say. We are working hard in order to present all of you with the best final products so as to reciprocate the love you have shown. We are planning on officially sharing news regarding WINNER soon.

We would like to thank all of WINNER’s fans for your affection and anticipation.

– YG Entertainment

Source: Twitter

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