[★TRENDING] Fans poke fun at WINNER’s new hairstyles with hilarious parodies

With WINNER spotted in London, United Kingdom, in the past few days with possible new hairstyles spotted, fans cannot help but poke fun at them.

On September 30th, WINNER was seen arriving at Heathrow International Airport, London, vaguely disguising themselves as they tried to hide their new hairstyle, specifically Taehyun who was seen sporting a blonde look.

With the location and new hairstyle in mind, creative fans linked WINNER with a Harry Potter theme. Taehyun with his blonde look was immediately transformed into Draco Malfoy while the rest members comically took on the roles of Harry Potter and Voldemort.

To add on to the hilarity, the group was allegedly spotted doing a photoshoot at King’s Cross International Station, the train station that brings the Harry Potter characters to Hogwarts via Platform 9 3/4 earlier today.

The comeback stakes are high after YG Entertainment confirmed that the group will be returning to the music scene following iKON’s debut promotions.

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