Fans Raise Concern For MOMOLAND’s Daisy’s Absence After Her Mother Posts Distressing Comments About Her Wellbeing

“My daughter is crying and they live calmly and shamelessly.”

Daisy and fellow member Taeha have been on hiatus from MOMOLAND since March 2019 for undisclosed reasons.

The absence of the two members has struck up controversy among MOMOLAND’s fandom, with MLD Entertainment having yet to release an official statement regarding Daisy and Taeha’s whereabouts.

Concern had previously been raised when Daisy’s mother had posted a comment that Daisy and Taeha had been forced into halting group promotions.

Since then, her mother has made further comments about how her daughter has been affected by the hiatus.

Fans have been especially perturbed by these posts.

I want to find Daisy’s smile on her face again.

Furthermore, Daisy’s mother hinted that someone was at fault for prolonging Daisy’s absence without providing updates.

My daughter is crying and they live calmly and shamelessly. I feel hot under the collar. I want to say don’t forget that the sky is looking at you.

Previously fans have implored on MLD Entertainment to provide a statement on Daisy and Taeha’s hiatus.

Although fans tweeted the hashtag #ShowMeDaisyAndTaeha, there has still been no information provided on the members’ return.

Daisy’s mother has also revealed her abhorrence with the situation.

I am very sad and tired. And I am so angry that I cannot express it … There is no peace in my mind. It’s just sadness and anger.

Still, her mother encouraged fans to continue sending love towards Daisy, even though she has been absent from MOMOLAND.

Daisy is very sad now, but she has a lot of power in your worries and love.

Meanwhile, her comments have further raised the worries of fans.

Despite their concern for her continued absence, fans have continued to send Daisy their love and support.

Hopefully, fans will soon be able to receive an official update on Daisy and Taeha’s whereabouts.