Fans Rally Behind Jay Park Against Allegations That He Used A Racial Slur During A Recent Performance

Jay Park clarified the misunderstanding.

Rapper, singer, and business mogul Jay Park clarified allegations that he used a racial slur during a recent performance.

Jay Park | Asia Times

The rapper performed in London for the city’s MIK Festival 2022. The show featured some of Korea’s hottest hip-hop acts, including Jessi, Dok2, and Loco, among others.

| MIK Festival
| MIK Festival

The artist killed his performance as per usual. Fans definitely seemed to enjoy the artist as well.

After the show, however, a rumor started spreading that Jay Park had used a racial slur during his set. Fans who were at the show quickly tried to dispel the rumor.

Eventually, the singer clarified what he had said. Turns out the rapper was giving a shout-out to one of the U.K.’s very own.

When the artist saw that his fans were getting hurt by the rumors, he made sure to let everyone know that he loved his fans.

Fans flocked to the artist’s comments section to let him know that they loved him right back.

Hopefully, fans can lay the rumor to rest as Jay Park has been winning at life! The mogul who started beloved hip hop labels AOMG and H1ghr Music is also responsible for Korea’s most in-demand soju brand Won Soju.

Won Soju | Won Soju

Despite a major distribution deal with convenience store chain, G25, many in Korea are still waiting to try the soju.

| joongang ilbo
customer shopping for won soju | joongang ilbo

With the recent announcement that the rapper has launched a new label, called More Vision, many are awaiting the artist’s next moves.

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