Fans rally together to defend Ga In against recent plagiarism accusations

Fans of Brown Eyed GirlsGa In have come to her defense against plagiarism accusation from American brand Xoticy and its creator Monica Wilson, uploading various videos of other dancers with similar moves as alleged proof.

On the popular community website portal, DC Inside, a fan published a thread in the “Brown Eyed Girls Gallery” with the title, “Ga In choreography plagiarism accusation counter data,” and posted a series of videos that showed many others using similar moves Xoticy has claimed as their own original moves in their accusation against Ga In.

The original author of the post included an edited version of Xoticy’s original plagiarism accusations, making an argument that the moves are so generic that many others have been seen dancing the same or alternative moves for years even before 2009.

Following the initial release of Xoticy’s “call-to-action” public announcement on March 13th, which has since gained 130,000 views, many have been commenting that the video is just a ploy to gain attention.

In response, Monica Wilson replied through her Twitter with a series of tweets on March 14th PST stating, “When you’re not mentally mature you will never understand a mature situation. [1] If you don’t have facts just be unheard. [2] Humans apply too much time Into defending a situation with No facts. That’s wasting time on earth. Life is too great to do a such thing. [3]”

“Just look at the Time and date stamp on videos and that will tell you your answer. #ResearchPpl. [4] How can one speak on a stripper when you’ve never lived in a stripper shoes? Strippers dance sexy NOT Xoticy BIG Difference. No comparing. [5] Just because it’s new to you doesn’t mean it’s New. [6] I want attention? HA Attention don’t pay bills. I help women via dance #Fact #Xoticy Created by Myself. My style of dance. My sexy. [7]” (March 15th)

In other news, Ga In’s title track “Apple” has been banned from non-cable networks due to its suggestive lyrics, and the original choreography for “Paradise Lost” is not allowed to be performed on said networks as well due to the dance’s nature.

Source: DC Inside