Fans Are Rallying Behind Former SISTAR Member Dasom After Her Concerning Tearful Instagram Live

We hope that she’s okay.

On June 13, former SISTAR member Dasom went live on Instagram while sobbing in bed. The singer/actress did her best to hold back her tears for close to 4 minutes before blowing her nose and finally greeting her fans.

Hi! I just wanted to tell you ‘hi.’ I just missed you guys.

– Dasom

The broadcast was very short, but it rightfully sparked concern from fans and netizens.

What happened, is she okay?

YouTube: SoooOOOoooOOOoooT

It breaks my heart seeing her like that 🙁

– Reddit: Kalendas_Graecas

Immediately following the broadcast, which she has not uploaded for playback, fans began swarming her most recent Instagram posts with love.

Unnie don’t cry, I really only heard the sound, but I’m so upset I could die. We’re always cheering for you & you’re doing so well so don’t be sad. I love youㅠㅠ❤️”

– Instagram: seo0_64

Dasom said that she was simply missing her fans, which is what prompted the spontaneous and tearful broadcast. Mental health and stability of idols is often a taboo subject, so we also hope that if Dasom is going through anything deeper that she gets the help she needs to make it through this tough time.

The full live has been uploaded onto YouTube below: