Fans React to HYBE’s Bang Si Hyuk Saying K-Pop Is “Showing The Slowdown”

The HYBE chairman got candid about K-Pop and its growth.

HYBE‘s chairman, Bang Si Hyuk, recently sat down to hold an interview with CNN during which he revealed a lot of details regarding BTS, HYBE artists, as well as the shares acquisition of SM Entertainment. When talking about K-Pop as an industry, Bang said something that caused quite a commotion, with K-Pop fans taking to online platforms to express disappointment.

Bang Si Hyuk | Yonhap News

He admitted to thinking that K-Pop “fizzling out” is a major concern of his. Bang Si Hyuk explained that when you look at the “export indicators and streaming growth,” according to him, the slowdown in growth is “very clear.”

He even went on to talk about how BTS’s military enlistment might have affected the industry.

BTS | @bangtan.official/Facebook

It would be fortunate if this is a temporary phenomenon caused by BTS’s military enlistment,  but I doubt that.

— Bang Si Hyuk

Bang then mentioned this potential slowdown as the reason why he’s been “more aggressive” about the SM takeover.

We absolutely need to raise the level of awareness in the global market.

— Bang Si Hyuk

However, most K-Pop fans seem to not agree with Bang’s opinion on the industry’s growth. Many took to Twitter to counter his theory by mentioning K-Pop artists’ recent album sales, streams, as well as ticket sales, and tour stops.

Some fans even reminded Bang of the groups “with untapped potential” that are under his own multi-label company and their incredible achievements.

Others accused him of trying to “manipulate” people into thinking his way and excusing the takeovers of multiple labels.

Meanwhile, there are also fans who agree with Bang Si Hyuk’s point of view, claiming that album sales aren’t exactly proof of K-Pop’s growth.

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