Fan Reactions Are Next Level After BTS’s RM Gives An Update On ‘DTS’

They will be missed.

Previously, BTS‘s leader RM, posted a photo to Weverse, revealing seven adorable snow ducks that he made in the snow called ‘DTS’ (Ducktan Sonyeondan).

| Weverse

RM revealed that he had waited a whole year to be able to make these adorable little ducklings in the snow!

| Weverse

Just recently, RM gave fans an update on the status of these little snow ducks.

“DTS recently…”

| Weverse

The photo revealed seven little melted snow ducks! Seeing this photo, fans began trending ‘RIP DTS’ on Twitter.

| Twitter

The description for the hashtag read, “BTS fans bid farewell to DTS, seven little ducks made out of snow by the group’s leader RM a few days ago which have since melted away.”

| Twitter

Fans’ reactions to his photo proved just how serious they were about DTS!

Forever in our hearts


End of an era

Facts only

But honestly, same!

Source: theqoo


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