Fans Suspect Actor Park Bo Gum Has Cut Ties With Former Controversial Church And Its Alleged Cult Leader

Fans sent their support for the actor.

According to fans, actor Park Bo Gum has joined a new church, sparking speculation that the actor has cut ties with his former controversial church.

Park Bo Gum | @parkb0gum/Instagram

On September 11, a netizen uploaded an alleged photo of the actor sitting on a chair. In the post, which has since been viewed over 133K times, the netizen alleges that the actor had been attending the Onnuri Church.

They say this is a picture of Park Bo Gum, who attended the 7:00 service at Onnuri Church. I can’t believe I recognize that chair. I’m not sure if he visited during his time off, but it was crazy seeing him. Anyways, it was really good to see you at our church Bo Gum. I hope you sign up and keep attending for a long time.

— Netizen

The netizen also uploaded a conversation between netizens where one alleges that the actor had recently been attending another church.

  • A: “I heard he’s been attending a different church. My friend said they see him at church.”
  • B: “Woah, does that mean he cut ties with Lee Cho Suk?”
  • A: “I’m not sure if he cut ties with Lee Cho Suk, but he’s been going to a church in Gangnam (not a cult).”
  • C: “Don’t you think he goes to church with Sean (Jinusean)? I heard they have been walking together recently.”

Fans welcomed the thought of the actor separating from his former church and pastor, Lee Cho Suk. Lee Cho Suk is a controversial figure who has been alleged as the leader of a cult for years.


  • “If he left the cult, then it’s a good thing!”
  • “Oh, was he able to leave the cult?”
  • “I wish it was true that he attends church with Sean. He seems to do a lot of charity work, also. Anyways, congratulations on leaving the cult.”
  • “Woah, that is so good.”
  • “Wow, he left the cult. That’s good news.”
  • “I’m so relieved. You made the right choice by leaving.”
  • “I’m glad that he is attending a normal church. Leaving ASAP is the right choice. Anyways, when can we hear about his next project?”

There has been no comment from the actor regarding his past or present religious affiliations.

Source: Theqoo