Fans Show Support For Jennie And G-Dragon After Relationship Announcement

Many are congratulating the pair!

Dispatch previously reported that BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon have been dating for around a year.

In the wake of the announcement, fans have taken to social media to say how happy they are to hear the news and congratulate the pair.

One of BLACKPINK’s largest Korean fanbases even wrote a poetic statement showing their support for Jennie.

After the announcement, YG Entertainment issued a statement and said that they could not confirm as it was their artists’ personal matters.

In the past, netizens have criticized Dispatch for its intrusive behavior into celebrities’ lives and ability to prove the story’s validity. Fans are doubting Dispatch’s “evidence” in the funniest way.

In light of fans feeling like Dispatch’s evidence was anything but conclusive, netizens are resurfacing times where Dispatch tried to snap photos of idols doing things and coming up with nothing.

As always happens when there is dating news, there have been some negative comments, but fans of both artists have spoken out against these people!

  • Y’all better not start any fan wars it isn’t needed.
  • Respect their relationship, it is true or not, just respect them. Respect their privacy like how you want other people to respect yours. We are all human. That’s why we respect each other.
  • You all should apologize to Jennie and G Dragon.
  • If the rumors are true, then we will support both Jennie and G Dragon but learn to respect both of their privacy, rumors true or not.