Fans Call For SM Entertainment To Do A Better Job After They Miss Out NCT’s Taeyong In A Promotional Post

Fans are calling for the company to pay more attention to details.

SM Entertainment‘s merchandise store, SM Town and Store recently launched a line of socks. The socks are under their SMile line, a line of products that give back a portion of the profits to a charitable cause. This time, the socks will benefit young children in Vietnam who dream of learning music.

Active artists under SM Entertainment was given a pair of socks to take photographs with for the official Instagram page. This includes aespa, SHINee, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, TVXQ, Red Velvet, NCT Dream and NCT 127.

While most groups had all active members being featured, NCT 127 fans noticed that Taeyong was conspicuously missing from the post. Although other groups such as Super Junior and EXO had a few members each that did not participate, the lack of Taeyong’s presence was stark as he was the only one out of the 9 members who were not featured.

His fans have called for a mass event to request for his photograph to be included in the post. Carousel posts on Instagram allow for 10 images, where only 8 have been utilized, making it unclear as to why the leader himself was not included.

This is not the first time fans have called out SM Entertainment for unfair treatment toards Taeyong. Previously, his fans have organized mass emails to SM Entertainment for failing to sufficiently promote him on their social media accounts.

In other news, Taeyong recently released a song produced and written by himself, “Blue”. Take a listen below.