Fans Speculate ELRIS May Disband, Following Changes To Their Social Media

The group’s last release was in February 2020.

Fans of the group ELRIS have recently discovered some changes to the members’ social media accounts that may point to the group’s disbandment.

Bella, Hyeseong, Yukyung, Sohee, Karin, EJ, and Chaejeong of ELRIS. | @hunus_elris/Instagram

ELRIS debuted in 2017 under Hunus Entertainment with the members Bella, Hyeseong, Yukyung, Sohee, and Karin. In February 2020 when the group released their fourth mini-album, Jackpot, they added two new members: EJ and Chaejeong.

| @hunus_elris/Instagram

Since Jackpot, the group has not released new music, though they have stayed active on social media. Fans of the group, known as BLRIS, noticed that some of the members updated their social media to not include any mention of ELRIS.

| @hunus_elris/Instagram

Yukyung’s Instagram account used to have a tag for the group’s official account in her bio. However, she has changed it to now tag the company’s account instead. Furthermore, she has unfollowed all accounts and currently follows none.

Yukyung’s social media account. | @2.60___/Instagram via @nugupromoter/Twitter

Chaejeong’s Instagram bio previously said, “ELRIS Chaejeong,” but now only says “Chaejeong.”

Chaejeong’s Instagram profile. | @chaerishxx/Instagram via @nugupromoter/Twitter

Sohee used to have an Instagram highlight titled, “ELRIS.” That highlight has recently been deleted, though her bio still includes the group’s name.

Sohee’s Instagram account. | @s2k1m/Instagram via @nugupromoter/Twitter

Fans noticed that Karin also had the company’s account tagged in her profile, but one user noted that Karin’s bio had always tagged this account instead of ELRIS’s.

BLRIS are concerned over these discoveries as they believe it may hint towards the group disbanding.

 Some are hopeful that the group is not disbanding, but rebranding under a different name. Furthermore, because the other members still mention the group on their social media accounts, fans speculate it may be a change in the member line-up.

The group’s official Instagram account remains online. The most recent post was on August 19. Most recently, Bella opened up a YouTube channel using her birthname, Yoona. ELRIS and Hunus Entertainment have not officially spoken on the matter yet.

Source: Twitter and Instagram