Fans Speculate G-Dragon Might Be Preparing For A Comeback Due To Instagram Post

Could this be the comeback that his fans have long been waiting for?

G-Dragon recently posted a series of photos online that have fans wondering if the legendary soloist might be finally preparing for a long-awaited comeback.

On June 21, G-Dragon posted four photos on his personal account. The first two feature him in a dark floral shirt posing somewhere outdoors, though the location is uncertain. The third photo features four purple chairs in a row, overlooking some kind of landscape. And the fourth picture shows G-Dragon posing with some friends or acquaintances (or, maybe, staff?) in a dimly lit room.


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What’s making fans most suspicious that this might be for a music video is the “film” emoji that G-Dragon captioned the series of photos with. It indicates, of course, that the photos were taken while filming something… But just what is that “something”?


While it certainly could be a comeback for the soloist on his own, the image with the four chairs also has fans speculating something else. Recently, BLACKPINK posted a teaser image for a new releasing coming out in August, including a question mark image for a secret surprise guest. Seeing G-Dragon’s post, some are wondering if he might be the featured artist!


Alternatively, since BIGBANG is now a four-member group, the four chairs could also signify that their four members are working on filming a music video for a comeback. Only time will tell what the truth is!