Fans Spot Nayeon and Momo on Vacation Together, and Had To Go Say “Hi”

We’re so jealous!

ONCEs definitely know that TWICE‘s international members are taking full advantage of the group’s short break to spend quality time in their home countries. But no one could have guessed that out of the members most likely to get together during the break, it would be Nayeon and Momo!

Due to Momo being seen flying back to Japan alone, people assumed that she would visit family and friends and maybe Mina and/or Sana due to all being from the same region. So ONCEs were shocked when they saw Nayeon and Momo wandering the streets of Japan together.

Momo (with facemask) and Nayeon

And of course they had to go say “hi”!

The girls were super accommodating when approached by fans, and even signed autographs for lucky ONCEs!

One lucky ONCE shared their personalized autograph from the girls, saying “As soon as I arrived in Japan and got on the subway, I met TWICE’s Momo and Nayeon, ha!”

We’re super jealous of the ONCEs who got to meet the girls, and are glad that the girls look like they are enjoying their vacation to the fullest!