Fans Spot A Tattoo On TWICE Chaeyoung’s Neck

ONCEs were excited to catch a glimpse of it and think it looks cool.

During a live broadcast, which occurred after filming an ISAC (Idol Sports Athletic Competition) event, fans of TWICE caught a glimpse of what they believe to be a tattoo on Chaeyoung‘s neck!

Speculation over what that tattoo might be of includes a heart with an arrow going through it, or possibly confetti of some sort.

Some even suspect that the bandage Chaeyoung could be seen wearing during the filming of ISAC 2019 might have been to cover up this new tattoo.

Regardless of what it might be, ONCEs have largely been supportive of her decision to get a tattoo.

Though there have been a few negative comments, the overwhelmingly popular sentiment is that Chaeyoung and her new tattoo is cool AF. 😎