Fans Spot TWICE’s Tzuyu And OH MY GIRL’s YooA In Netflix’s “All Of Us Are Dead”

Did you notice Tzuyu and YooA while watching “All of Us Are Dead?”

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TWICE‘s Tzuyu and OH MY GIRL‘s YooA popped up in Netflix‘s latest hit K-Drama, All Of Us Are Dead!

TWICE’s Tzuyu | @twicetagram/Instagram

OH MY GIRL’s YooA | @yoo__sha/Instagram

All of Us Are Dead is based on a webtoon. In this series, a virus breaks out at a high school and turns the infected students into zombies. The students who have not been turned into zombies must find a way to protect themselves from their zombie classmates and prevent themselves from also becoming zombies.

All of Us are Dead poster | Netflix

This K-Drama is filled with shocking and scary moments, and K-Pop fans couldn’t help but notice that Tzuyu and YooA appeared during a scary scene.

| Netflix

Near the end of the second episode of All of Us Are Dead, one of the students was alone in the art room with a few zombies.

Although he did his best to hide from the zombies, he accidentally made a noise that alerted them to where he was hiding. Then, he had to fight them off.

During the fight scene, pictures of Tzuyu and YooA were shown on the wall.

Considering the fight scene took place in an art room, it seems as if students drew Tzuyu and YooA for an art project. YooA’s drawing was based on one of her selfies.

| @yooa_omg/Twitter

Tzuyu’s drawing was based on her Feel Special album concept photo.

| @twicetagram/Instagram

Needless to say, fans were glad to see YooA and Tzuyu’s surprise appearance in All of Us Are Dead!

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