Fans Spot TXT Being Respectful To Their Sunbaes In A Surprisingly Clever Way

Their manners are on another level.

On the April 4 episode of Mnet’s M Countdown, Stray Kids won number 1 for the first time with their song “Miroh”. During their winning speech, the members of TXT could be seen, or more like not seen, crouching behind Stray Kids.

TXT is the recently-debuted boy group of BigHit, and they’re already gaining attention for more than just their music. Because all of the TXT members are fairly tall, especially Soobin, they decided to crouch behind Stray Kids in an effort to keep the focus on them and their special moment.

Here you can visibly see Beomgyu, Soobin, Yeonjun, and HueningKai crouching. They’ve taken their respect of their seniors to another level.

TXT are currently promoting their debut song “Crown” about accepting yourself.

Most importantly, congratulations to Stray Kids on their very first win.