Fans Spotted Wanna One Kang Daniel On A Date With His Mom, And Took Pictures

Kang Daniel took his special lady on a special date to celebrate a special day.

Wanna One Kang Daniel‘s return to his hometown made dreams come true for his fans in Busan, Korea.


In observance of the Korean holiday Seolnal, a 3-day celebration of the lunar new year, Kang Daniel headed to Busan City.


Fans spotted him in Nampo-dong, spending time with his mother.


He took his mother shopping as hoards of fans gathered to meet the famous mother and son.


They were seen cutely holding hands.


As Daniel protectively navigated his mom through the growing crowds.


Fans were touched to see just how much close Kang Daniel was with his mom.


Despite being on his rare break, he also stopped to take photos with his fans.


No matter how tall and what age~


They marveled at his kind heart, as well as his stunning visuals!

Wanna One