Fans Still Aren’t Happy With JTBC’s Apology To Big Hit And BTS

Fans still aren’t happy.

On December 16, JTBC’s Newsroom made an updated report regarding the news issued earlier this month about Big Hit Entertainment and BTS.



Previously, JTBC reported that BTS was considering taking legal action against Big Hit due to profit division. Not long after, Big Hit released a statement denying the claims made by the report and requested an apology from JTBC.

In the most recent broadcast, president of JTBC, Son Suk Hee, reported that after additional research and reporting, they have found that BTS and Big Hit having a legal dispute is almost zero.



They continued by saying that they had come across something related to BTS in the law firm’s internal network. JTBC revealed that they had talked with lawyers before making the report about the possibility of legal action.

Big Hit revealed that they are not in conflict with BTS and that they had renewed their contracts last year.



Son Suk Hee ended the report with, “It is our deepest regret that our company has filmed at the agency’s office without permission for this case. We will take all the criticism about our report and the fact that we reported the news without looking into it deeper.”




Fans, however, were still not impressed with this report. They felt that the update didn’t even sound like an apology.






What are your thoughts on JTBC’s update on this situation?




Source: sports seoul