Fans Are Super Soft At This Precious Moment Between Oh My Girl’s YooA And Hyojung Onstage

The girls of Oh My Girl share such a precious bond!

Oh My Girl‘s YooA just received her first win for her solo debut song “Bon Voyage”!

| @wm_ohmygirl/ Instagram

On September 15, YooA took home her first win for her song “Bon Voyage” on The Show, and gave tearful thanks to her fans and members for supporting her.

During her encore stage, YooA was then hugged and comforted by her back up dancers!

As she was jumping around and thanking her dancers, guess who came running at her at full speed and hugged her?

It was none other than Oh My Girl’s leader, Hyojung!

YooA hugged her and began crying all over again, saying:

Unnie, I got number 1…

Fans have been ugly crying at this super cute moment between YooA and Hyojung!


Watch the moment for yourself here!

YooA recently made her solo debut with the mini-album Bon Voyage with the title track of the same name.

Check it out here!