Fans suspect Ryeowook x Bada collaboration for next SM STATION release

It’s nearly the end of Monday, so we know what that means! New teaser for the upcoming SM STATION single release.

On September 19th, SM Entertainment‘s digital music channel shared the latest teaser for its upcoming Friday single release in the form of a video on their Instagram channel.

With a beautiful image of the cosmos in the background, the teaser unveils hints about this week’s participants as an SM Entertainment artist collaborating with an outside singer. In addition, the tags of #Cosmic #Love #Gemini X #Pisces #소행성B612 (#AsteroidB612) #DreamsComeTrue #바다의왕자 (#PrinceOfTheSea) #성공한덕후 #천상의목소리 (#HeavenlyVoice) gives fans additional hints.

Fans have deducted as Ryeowook and singer Bada to be collaborating for a single this week, reasoning that #AsteroidB612 indicates the Little Prince’s home which in turn is Ryeowook’s title track. Additionally, Bada’s Zodiac sign is Pisces while Ryeowook may have been indicated as Gemini (though he’s technically a Cancer).

Take a look below, what do you think? The new track will be released on Friday, September 23rd.

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