Fans Suspect Son Naeun’s Latest Instagram Story Is Directed At Apink Members

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According to netizens, Son Naeun‘s latest Instagram post may be directed at Apink members.

Son Naeun | @marcellasne_/Instagram

On post uploaded on September 22 is gaining traction in Korea’s largest online community. The post aptly titled “Apink Son Naeun” uploaded Son Naeun’s Instagram story.

The author of the post prefaces Son Naeun’s story by revealing that the ex-Apink member met Apink’s Eunji at the Seoul Drama Awards.

Today she met Eunji at the Seoul Drama Awards, and her Instagram story seems to be aimed at Apink members. I miss when Apink had six members ㅠㅠ.

— Netizen

The author of the post then uploaded Son Naeun’s Instagram story. In the post, against a backdrop of the sky, Son Naeun wrote a short message that poignantly conveyed the idol’s nostalgia.

Today I was so happy to see the people that I am thankful for. As you promised, I realized that you were always right here for me. Just as we have been, let’s work hard in our respective places and then see each other again. I won’t forget either, and I’ll reappear when it’s time for us to meet again. I’m always thankful for you.

— Son Naeun

Other netizens agreed that the idol seemed to write about her former members and shared in on the nostalgia.

  • “I don’t understand why people hate Son Naeun ㅠㅠ. Everyone knows how hard it is for all group members to resign after their seventh year. I think she tried her best for Apink.”
  • “Did you know Eunji’s younger sibling liked Naeun’s post? This doesn’t mean they are getting back together, though.”
  • “Naeun unfollowed everyone on her Twitter except Apink members, the group’s Twitter, and a few fans ㅠㅠ.”
  • “Her words are so pretty it makes me tear up ㅜ. Pandas haven’t left. We are still here. I hope one day we can see you glowing on stage again. I’ll wait until that day, promise!”
  • “It broke my heart to see this. I think she did her best and left the group due to circumstances. I think they’ll get together someday, and I am going to wait until then.”
  • “She was glad to see Eunji and IST staff members. She sees her fans when she promotes.”
  • “I think she meant it for fans, Eunji, and Apink members.”

Son Naeun debuted with Apink in 2011. The singer quickly became one of K-Pop’s most popular idols. Fans were devastated when she signed with YG Entertainment and subsequently left the group in 2022.

Source: Nate Pann