Fans Suspect SHINee Taemin’s Beautiful Backup Dancer Is An SM Trainee

“She’s really pretty. A rare image for SM.”

A strikingly beautiful backup dancer from Taemin‘s performance of “Want” has been catching the eyes of fans and netizens.


She appears during the middle of the performance and performs a luring dance with Taemin.


In addition to her sexy dance moves, her stunning visuals have stood out among fans and netizens, some of who have been speculating that the woman is a trainee from the same agency as Taemin, SM Entertainment. They claim that the backup dancer and the portion of her focus are unnecessary.

“While Taemin is performing, they keep filming the female backup dancer when three minutes of Taemin isn’t even enough. Some say she’s an SM trainee..”

“The female backup dancer is not really necessary, it’s not like she’s dancing with Taemin.”


Meanwhile, others have been commenting on her stunning beauty and exceptional body proportions.

  • “She’s really pretty. A rare image first for SM.”
  • “Her body and ratio are perfect.”
  • “She’s tall and has a good proportion.”
  • “She is really pretty.”
  • “She looks really tall!!”
  • She looks like a pretty actress.”


While it is speculated among fans that she could be an SM trainee, nothing has yet been confirmed about the mysterious backup dancer.


Check out Taemin’s full performance below:


Source: Dispatch and Instiz


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