Fans Are Swooning Over Red Velvet Wendy’s Kindness Toward ITZY’s Ryujin

Wendy gave Ryujin an unexpected gift!

In light of their recent comeback with their first full-length album CRAZY IN LOVE, the members of ITZY guested on SBS Power FM‘s Young Street Radio!

| @sbsyoungstreet/Instagram

Right off the bat, the members of ITZY and the show’s host Red Velvet’s Wendy showed each other love with warm bows. In the rest of the episode, ITZY and Wendy had great chemistry and it was clear they were fans of each other.

There is one particular moment between the ITZY’s Ryujin and Wendy that has fans swooning!


As many know, one of Wendy’s biggest charms is her kind and bright personality. Wendy proved how sweet she is when she suddenly offered Ryujin food during the show. Like the kind-hearted person she is, Ryujin politely denied Wendy’s offer as she did not want to take her food.

In the end, Wendy’s nice offer was accepted by Ryujin and she showed her gratitude by holding up the egg to the camera!

It’s unclear what the two said before the cute moment that lead Wendy to share her food, but many speculate that Ryujin might have said something along the lines that she was hungry.

The two are clearly both sweethearts and both ReVeluvs and MIDZYs are loving the interaction between the two stars! Ryujin showed off the egg Wendy gave her in an Instagram post.

Check out the clip below: