Fans thrown off guard by MONSTA X Wonho’s new hairstyle

MONSTA X‘s Wonho is sporting a new hair color for the group’s comeback.

In new photos of the idol, Wonho has been spotted with a brand new blue-white hair color causing fans to worry about the condition of his hair. While he has previously been spotted with a darker hair color, Wonho has often been seen with bright hair colors as well. Fans seem to think that their agency is dying his hair too much, and may possibly be damaging his hair.

MONSTA X recently released some teaser images and videos for their rumored comeback. According to their official Twitter page, MONSTA X released a video titled The Clan 2.5 Part 2. Guilty.

In May 2015, Starship Entertainment debuted their newest boy group MONSTA X, who released their first mini-album and music video “Trespass.”  They recently released their third mini album The Clan Pt. 1 Lost in May of this year, which is the first part in their “The Clan” series. You can expect their awaited comeback on October 4th.

Check out Wonho’s new hair color in the photos below.