Fans Trend #FAIRTREATMENTFORV After Seeing BTS V’s Line Cut During GRAMMY Performance

They want fair line distribution for V.

Not long after BTS’s performance for “Dynamite” at the 63rd GRAMMY Awards, fans began trending the hashtags for #FAIRTREATMENTFORV, #그래미_태형파트삭제_머선129 (#GRAMMY_DELETINGTAEHYUNGPART_WHATISTHIS), and #분량차별줌아웃이제그만 (#STOPCUTTINGLINESANDBADCAMERAWORK).

Turns out that the GRAMMY performance had cut out V‘s part in the song, giving him less screen time during the show.

Watching the comparison below, you can see that V’s part is supposed to come after Jungkook‘s part, but it seems to be cut in the GRAMMY performance.

| Yo j홉이있다/YouTube

Fans were upset that V’s part was cut and hoped that Big Hit Entertainment would treat V fairly.

They also emphasized that this wasn’t the first time this has happened.

Other fans, although upset about having V’s part cut, felt that this was not Big Hit but more of the Recording Academy‘s fault for leaving such a short time frame for their performance.

Some felt that this was not done on purpose but rather to fit the running time of the show.

“I think they cut it because they had to match the three minute mark. I don’t think they did this on purpose.

⁠— user @Suji, YouTube”

What are your thoughts about the shortened GRAMMY performance?