Fans upset BTS Jin Only Appeared in “Not Today” MV for 2 Seconds

ARMYs are unhappy with the music video for “Not Today”, as BTS‘s Jin‘s individual scenes only amounted to a total of 2 seconds.

BTS revealed their music video for “Not Today” from their second studio album, Wings: You Never Walk Alone, on February 20, but the uneven distribution of the members’ individual scenes has upset many BTS fans.

Upon its release, the video received a sensational response, having surpassed over 10 million views in just 21 hours and 38 minutes of its release. Furthermore, news that California-based choreographer Keone Madrid had choreographed yet another BTS song had fans thrilled, and they expected to see a highly impressive music video.

However, shortly after the videos release fans began realizing that Jin didn’t appear quite as often as the other members throughout the whole music video, and after a thorough analysis, they discovered Jin only had a total of 2 seconds of actual screen time.

Jin’s closeup is 0.61 seconds long, and is the longest shot of him in the video.

For 0.54 seconds, Jin has an individual scene of him lying on the ground.

Fans became very disappointed at how the music video was edited to show Jin for only 2 seconds and expressed their concerns by writing comments directed towards Big Hit Entertainment such as “It’s a 4-minute and 50-second music video. Of the 290 seconds, 8 seconds go to the company’s logo, and a member of the group only gets 2 seconds?” as well as “Are you trying to deceive us fans?”

Big Hit has been receiving quite a number of complaints from A.R.M.Y.’s not only in Korea but all over the world due to problems involving the unequal distribution of lines and appearances in multiple music videos.

One international ARMYs fan even tweeted a compilation of Jin’s lines throughout all their singles and albums which showed that he has always received fewer lines than the other members.

Soon, A.R.M.Y.’s began using the hashtag #bighit_footage_feedback on Twitter and requested that Big Hit Entertainment respond with a statement regarding the unequal distribution of footage.

The agency has not released anything regarding this issue as of yet.

Source: AsiaE