Red Velvet Joy’s Infrequent Communication With Fans On Bubble Sparks Criticism

Paying fans are disappointed.

For those not familiar with the app, Dear. U Bubble is a paid subscription service where fans can receive messages from the artist. These messages are only visible to subscribers on the app, and fans can also send back messages. The artists can collectively view these messages from fans.

A community post dated October 14, 2021, pointed out called out an SM Entertainment idol for not having posted a Bubble since September 15, 2021. This makes is almost a full month where they had not sent any content through the private messaging space. As the service is a paid one, many fans took issue with the fact that they had neglected it for so long.


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The terms and conditions for Dear. U Bubble include that if the artist has not posted in over a month, the consumer can apply for a refund. As comments began to guess at who the artist was, the OP confirmed that they were referring to Red Velvet‘s Joy.

The post also pointed out that the other members regularly send Bubbles and that Joy used to only send between two to ten messages per month prior to this matter as well. Many Reveluvs expressed their disappointment in Joy’s lack of communication when fans were paying for it.

  • “Are you talking about Joy…? I also canceled my subscription… She only uploads advertisements on Instagram as well… The other members upload shots of the view or selfies through Bubble and tells us what they did that day but Joy is the only one who sends repeated pics from Instagram on Bubble… She always Bubbles then leaves without a word and goes to Instagram just to show off advertisements so I also unfollowed her there… Joy, please take care of your fans a little. All the people around me quit being your fan…”
  • “Honestly, I think that as long as a week passes without a Bubble, they’re taking you for a fool. The artists will be sending their friends or lovers a few texts a day but they can’t even send fans who are feeding them just one message a week? I think it’s a real problem. It’s a paid service for crying out loud.”
  • “Fans have a right to be upset if it’s been a month. Would they not have sent their acquaintances at least one text in that month? They’re someone that thinks it’s a pity to spend that little bit of time on their fans. If it was me, I would be so turned off.”
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Joy’s last Instagram post was on October 10, 2021 of a collaboration between TODS and Hender Scheme.

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