Fans Upset Starship Entertainment Is Sending A Trainee To Chinese Survival Program

They were previously accused of rigging their trainee’s ranks.

Starship Entertainment is sending a trainee to the Chinese survival program Youth With You.


The female trainee, Fu Jia, is a Chinese native who is allegedly taking the stage name Kaka.


Her specialty is rap but her dance is also said to be strong, positions she cultivated as a trainee in Korea.


The 18 year old will be representing both Starship Entertainment and Yizong Entertainment.


Considering the recent Produce scandal where Starship Entertainment was suspected of rigging their trainees’ ranks, fans are surprised that they would consider placing a trainee in a survival show so soon.


Many, however, are supporting Fu Jia and are impressed with her skills.


Youth With You 2 is the second season of IQIYI‘s popular survival program Qing Chun You Ni. It features BLACKPINK‘s Lisa as a dance mentor and EXO‘s Lay as the national representative producer.


Fu Jia will be one out of 100 trainees participating on the show.