Fans Are Upset That Wanna One’s Jisung Has Female Friends

“I can already tell just by looking at them…Jisung has bad taste.”

A few photos of the Wanna One members and Jisung’s friends have been spreading through online communities and fans are not happy.


Jisung’s female friend had apparently come backstage with some other friends of hers before Wanna One’s concert.


Some claim that the girls were Jisung’s friends from graduate school while some claim that they are childhood friends.


They not only took pictures with Jisung, but also with Hwang Minhyun, Kang Daniel and even Ong Seongwu.


The friend had then apparently posted the photos online, which is how it began spreading in online communities.


It appears that the main reason fans were angry was that Jisung had made the other members take pictures with his friends and the fact that his friends were females.

  • “FYI, Kang Daniel, Ong Seongwu and Hwang Minhyun didn’t invite anyone other than their families and male friends but they were criticized for the pictures they took with those people.”
  • “If he took them, he should just take photos with them himself. Why bring the other members into it?”
  • “Jisung invited not only all of his sister’s friends but all of his friends and I heard they were all in line to take photos. The members were probably all tired and needed to rest but because of him they couldn’t even take a break and had to keep taking photos…Those girls wearing clothes that show their breasts are so close to the members in those pictures…taking them with all the good-looking members…”
  • “I just started graduation and to be honest, I wouldn’t have felt bad at all if my fellow classmate didn’t invite me. Lol graduate school friends aren’t that close to begin with.”
  • “Calling his graduate school friends who he’s only known for a few months to the lounge with VIP necklaces and making his members take pictures with them…Making his members get criticized as the leader of the group when he dances terribly…What is he thinking.”
  • “What’s up with those girls’ cleavages. I don’t want to criticize them for this but the lettering on her chest also looks so damn cheap. I can already tell just by looking at them…Jisung has bad taste.”
  • “He’s seriously empty-headed…Why bring those girls to the lounge and make the members take such photos…Thanks to him, the other members are getting criticized for no reason…I have so much to say but I’m going to stop here…”


Other fans came to Jisung’s defense and tried to defend him.

  • “Let’s not spread rumors like this. She’s not a friend from graduate school. They’ve been friends for 10 years and in fact, she’s married and even has kids. He even sang a song at their wedding. I don’t know why you’re writing these rumors.”
  • “Can’t a member’s acquaintance just take some photos??? What’s wrong with you guys…Other idols have brought their sibling’s friends and had their members take pictures with them and their fans didn’t say a thing about it…You guys are weird.”
  • “It’s normal to let your acquaintances take pictures with the members if you invite them. Stop being so dramatic; You’d probably go running over there if he was your college friend.”
  • “What’s the problem with inviting an acquaintance to a performance…? A VIP fangirl and a singer’s acquaintance is completely different. I think criticizing someone’s clothing and spreading photos of someone just because they hid their face is more of a problem.”
  • “I don’t know about the other people but the person with the orange shirt is not a friend from graduate school, she’s an old friend…Who is also married with kids! Since Produce, she supported Jisung saying she was an old friend and even after he became a member of Wanna One, she was really happy for him…I’m writing this in case she might see this and get hurt.”
  • “It’s understandable. If I were a singer, I’d invite my acquaintances to my concert too. Is it something to get that angry over?”
Source: Pann Nate

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