Fans went into comeback frenzy following G-Dragon’s “Lucid Dream” SNS post

A selca can go a long way and one post from G-Dragon made fans wonder if he was hitning about BIGBANG’s new album. 

On the early hours of October, G-Dragon updated his personal Instagram account with a photo of himself looking haggard and weary. Although known for his chic and fashionable appearance, the artist caught attention for his dark circles and stubble.

What even caused much speculation, however, was how netizens took the words “Lucid Dreams” from the caption, “ME, waiting for the lucid dream,” as a possible song title. The tag in itself became a hot topic from his followers and was immediately associated to BIGBANG’s new album.

A music industry source once revealed that BIGBANG is preparing for a comeback this November.
Image taken from G-Dragon’s Instagram / Dispatch

Source: Dispatch