Fans Will Now Be Able To Vote On Who They Want As Center On Produce X101

The center has always debuted as a member of the final group.

A big part of the drama on Produce 101Produce 101 Season 2 and Produce 48 during the first few episodes was who was going to be chosen as the centre for the performance of the show’s title track. Previously, the coaches would decide who would be the center based on who impressed them most.

In season one, Choi Yoojung was chosen as the center for “Pick Me”.

In season two, Lee Daehwi was chosen as the center for “Pick Me (Season Two)”.

In Produce 48, Miyawaki Sakura was chosen as the center for “Nekkoya (Pick Me)”.

Each of these centers ended up debuting in their respective final groups: I.O.I, Wanna One and IZ*ONE so being chosen as the center is a big deal and can give a trainee a lot of momentum during the show.

However, for the upcoming season of Produce X101, the burden of choosing a center will fall on to the fans rather than the coaches. The Twitter account for the show posted an update:

Voting will only be open for twelve hours on the fifteenth of March. That only gives Mnet a couple of days to introduce all of the trainees that will be competing.