Fans Of WINNER’s MINO Made Their Own Promotional Materials, And They’re Just Like Official Ones

INCLEs are promoting MINO hard.

WINNER‘s MINO is returning to the music industry with his second solo full album Take on October 30. Despite this being a high-profile comeback, YG Entertainment only had around a week’s worth of marketing efforts.

| @ygent_official/Twitter

As such, INCLEs have taken the job into their own hands, releasing digital teasers even faster than the company themselves. From countdown posters…

…to gifs…

…to banner ads…

…and to memes, they made them all!

International fans even trended the hashtag #InseoGotMINOsBack to show their support for him.

From making posters all the way to buying digital advertisements, they proved that they’re willing to put double the effort to promote MINO.

Even fellow INCLEs were impressed by each other’s talents!

MINO made his solo debut with his full album XX in November 2018. With the title track “FIANCÉ”, he topped music charts and won multiple times on music shows.

Source: Pann