Fans Are Worried About BTS’s RM After Seeing Him Limp In Recent Episode Of “In The SOOP”

Fans are always worried about their health.

On September 9 KST, BTS’s JTBC variety program In The SOOP aired its fourth episode and showed more relaxing and fun moments with the group.

The episode starts out with a relaxing morning of reading, painting, playing with RC boats, and singing karaoke.

V is seen up early and cooking a snack that his mom used to make for him. “There are snacks that my mom makes as snacks. I learned how to make nurungji (scorched rice) from my mom. It didn’t turn out that great but I’m thankful that the members still enjoyed it.”

But, when the camera focused in on RM, fans couldn’t help but notice that something was wrong with his leg. All throughout his scenes, he could be scene limping back and forth between houses while checking up on the other members.

Fans began to notice his limp and worried as to what had happened.

This episode also showed RM leaving for Seoul earlier than the other members. Fans began predicting that maybe he was going to the hospital for treatment.

The captions for the show only stated that he was leaving early due to “personal issues” and did not specify the reason.

Although this show was a recording from earlier, fans still couldn’t help but worry about him.

Luckily, as we can see from their “Dynamite” comeback, RM’s leg seems perfectly fine as he is seen dancing and performing in all the recent content that has been released lately.

Fans hope that the members will take care of their health! Oh and an early happy birthday to RM, who’s birthday is just around the corner!