Fans Worried After Goo Hye Sun Reveals She Lost Over 25 Lbs In Months

She barely weighs 100 lbs.

Actress Goo Hye Sun updated her Instagram with news of her dieting results. And fans became worried for her health.

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She revealed photo proof that she now weighs 46.7kg (~103lbs). She seemed happy about her weight as she captioned the post, “I broke into 46!

Goo Hye Sun is about 163cm tall, which means that the ideal height would be around 58kg (~130lbs). That would mean she’s about 27lbs underweight.

Goo Hye Sun had been on a weight loss since a couple of months ago. Back in April, she confessed that she had gained weight in the past and enjoyed her healthy look. But she decided to lose weight recently after her knees started hurting.

She had lost 11kg (~24lbs) at the time in April. She revealed that she only ate breakfast and exercised to shed her weight.

I lost about 11kg so far. I only eat breakfast, exercise, among other things.

To be honest, I liked how I looked when I had gained weight. I personally thought I looked beautifully healthy. But my knee later started hurting a little. So I decided to lose weight.

In order to show a new side to myself, I exercised and used dieting supplements.

— Goo Hye Sun

Although they respect Goo Hye Sun’s decisions for her body, her fans began to worry for her health considering that she lost over 25 lbs when she was already at a healthy weight.

“What did she have to lose?”

“Please take care of your health. I love you.”

“You look good no matter what”

— Fans

Source: xports news and My Daily