Fans Are Worried Jeon So Min Is Leaving “Running Man” And Here’s Why

The show wouldn’t be the same without her!

Jeon So Min has been an invaluable cast member on the popular show Running Man since she first joined in 2017. So Min and comedian Yang Se Chan both officially joined the cast in episode 346.

The cast of Running Man

Since then, the two cast members have been a part of over 240 episodes of the show and have made names for themselves as tricksters during different games.

So Min (left) and Se Chan (right) | @jsomin86/Instagram

So Min, in particular, always brings levity to the episodes. Whether it’s through her goofy attempts to try and create romantic plotlines, usually with visiting male guests, or her willingness to take risks for a high payoff — a trait she shares with fellow cast member Yu Jae Seok.

So Min | @jsomin86/Instagram

Although So Min is an actress, she’s never been afraid to look silly or do embarrassing things for the show’s benefit, much like the other female cast member, Song Ji Hyo.

Ji Hyo (left) and So Min (right) | @jsomin86/Instagram

But after a recent upload to the actress’s Instagram Stories, fans are worried that So Min might be leaving the show.

Recently, Lee Kwang Soo, a cast member on Running Man since the first episode in July of 2010, 12 years ago, left the show.

Kwang Soo

Kwang Soo had a heartbreaking final episode on June 13th, 2021, in which he made some lasting memories with his fellow cast members and gave them all meaningful gifts.

The actor left the show for health reasons, not feeling able to sufficiently keep up with the intense demands of filming the show.

A photo of the Running Man cast on Kwang Soo’s final episode

And since the producers of Running Man have not added any more permanent cast members to replace Kwang Soo, fans are especially worried that So Min might be leaving only eight months later.

One possible reason she could potentially leave the show is that So Min has been busy with her acting career. She recently received great responses from her role as Yoon Mi Ra in Show Window: The Queen’s House.

So Min’s promotional poster for Show Window: The Queen’s House | @jsomin86/Instagram

And she has an upcoming role in the drama Cleaning Up.

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But So Min also recently underwent foot surgery due to a fracture in January, which caused her to be absent from some of Running Man‘s episodes and to remain seated in a chair for other recent episodes.

Fans became worried after the actress uploaded a cake that the producers of Running Man had sent her to her Instagram Stories.

| @jsomin86/Instagram

The producers wrote on the cake, “Thank you for being a part of Running Man for so long.

Of course, it sounds like the producers’ words are wishing the actress well and thanking her for her time on the show as if she will no longer be a part of the cast. But it is also equally possible that producers are simply trying to encourage their cast member for both her healing and her acting career. And fans are surely hopeful that it’s the latter.

And quite possibly, that’s the case since shortly after uploading her story, So Min also posted more pictures to her Instagram. In the photos, So Min is taking a selfie with fellow Running Man cast member Ji Hyo on the show’s set. Not giving any indication that she has plans to leave the show anytime soon.

So Min (left) and Ji Hyo (right) | @jsomin86/Instagram

| @jsomin86/Instagram

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