Fansites Were Allegedly Caught Taking Photos From Behind Trees By (G)IDLE’s Soojin

Fans are not happy.

Recently, a few well-known (G)I-DLE fansites were accused of going to a private schedule and hiding at a distance taking photographs. Online community sites uploaded the alleged incident.

It was claimed that these fansites “went to the site of the Seasons’ Greetings photoshoot and hid in the bushes, taking photographs secretly. Soojin discovered them. However, they did not show any remorse at all and tweeted spoilers about the Seasons’ Greetings. But other fans who are moots with their personal twitters tried to cover it up and tried not to publicize it, shielding them instead.

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In a now deleted tweet, the fansite allegedly posted a photograph of the photoshoot warehouse with the caption, “this was the extent of the distance we were at. We only stuck our cameras out slightly whenever we saw the girls but…Soojin…discovered…this…

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One of the more known fansites uploaded an apology, but fans are not buying it. In the apology, fansite 1849 (@1849_sj) claims that they did not go there upon urging of the other fansites but they simply thought that there was a schedule they had missed and made their way there. The fansite claims that if they knew it was a Season’s Greetings shoot, they would not have gone. 1849 claims that they have never and will never go to a private schedule.

Photo by 1849 | @1849_sj/Twitter

Fans however, are not impressed and are asking for them to leave the fandom, along with a few other fansites who were at the site.

Source: pann