Fantagio Confirms That Hello Venus Will Disband Following Contract Expirations

They expressed their gratitude to the fans.

It has been revealed that Hello Venus will disband at the end of May.

This is due to the members, AliceNara, Lime, Yooyoung, Seoyoung, and Yeoreum, having contracts that expire on May 8. The members decided to disband after discussions, but will continue to support each other’s individual pursuits.

In an official statement by Fantagio, Seoyoung, and Yeoreum will be renewing their contracts with Fantagio. It was also revealed that Yooyoung and Lime are currently in discussions for a possible contract renewal.

Alice and Nara were confirmed to be leaving Fantagio.

The statement ended off with Fantagio expressing their gratitude for the loyal fans of Hello Venus.

Hello Venus debuted nearly 7 years ago with the lead single, “Venus”. Since then, they released 5 extended plays with the most recent one, Mystery of Venus, in 2017.

Source: daum