Fantagio Involved In Legal Dispute With Actress Kang Hanna Over Her Contract

She hasn’t contacted them in months.

Fantagio has announced their intentions to take legal action in regard to the situation with one of their actresses, Kang Hanna, who is currently doing promotions on her own.


The agency stated that they were notified by Kang Hanna that she was canceling her contract with the agency in March of this year when in fact, it did not end until 2020.

“We have been notified by Kang Hanna in March that she was canceling her contract. We’ve continued to try contacting her but failed to reach her. Kang Hanna has been promoting on her own for the past 4 months, negotiating other drama appearances without our consent. This clearly goes against the contract.” ㅡ Fantagio Entertainment


Moreover, the company revealed their plan to take legal action against her behavior.

“We have recently submitted an arbitration application form to the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board and plan to take the appropriate legal procedures according to the contract.” ㅡ Fantagio Entertainment


Kang Hanna was involved in dating rumors with the Taiwanese actor Darren Wang and was seen spending time with the actor on numerous occasions.

Kang Han Na And Darren Wang Caught On Another “Date” After Denying Dating Rumors


The last time they were seen together was around April this year when they were seen at a fish market in Taiwan and then at the Vatican in Italy just a week later. It is during this time that Fantagio reportedly lost contact with the actress.

Kang Hanna also received a lot of love for her participation in Running Man‘s family project, where she was one of 4 semi-fixed guests along with Hong Jin Young, Lee Sang Yeob, and Lee Da Hee.


The actress has since been attending her schedules alone with only her freelance manager. She has apparently attended the recent press conference with this manager on her own for the upcoming drama Familiar Wife as well.


Despite blocking all contact with Fantagio , Kang Hanna has continued to actively engage with fans through her SNS account. In fact, she recently participated in the 2018 Ice Bucket Challenge and nominated none other than Darren Wang as one of the next participants, who also responded and participated.

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Meanwhile, during the press conference for Familiar Wife, Kang Hanna has indicated that she will provide more details into the situation at a later time.

Source: Segye, Osen, Newsen and News1