Fantagio Releases Official Statement Regarding Somi’s Controversial Photos

Fantagio Entertainment released a statement about the alcohol bottles in Somi’s photos.

Recently, Jeon Somi and Kim Sohye were at Weki Meki Yoojung’s home for a girls night in.

Somi shared photos on her Instagram, but fans noticed there were alcohol bottles in the room.

Being minors, fans asked their agencies for feedback, to which Fantagio Entertainment explained:

“After checking the facts, the background of the photos is Yoojung’s home, and at the time, Yoojung’s parents and her relatives were celebrating Chuseok [Thanksgiving] together.

The alcohol bottles in question belonged to the adults, who drank them and have nothing to do with the three minors involved in this incident.”

— Fantagio Entertainment

Underage Somi, Yoojung, and Sohye Spotted With Alcohol Bottles

Source: Sports Donga