Fantagio Entertainment May Go On Strike After Chinese Shareholders Fire Their CEO

Fantagio Entertainment’s staff may go on strike in response to Fantagio Entertainments’ CEO being dismissed by major shareholders.

Na Byung Joon, the CEO of Fantagio Entertainment, has been dismissed from his position by a Chinese company JC Group, who held the largest share in the company. They also unilaterally announced that a Chinese CEO, Wei Jie, will be replacing Na Byung Joon. They reasoned that they are replacing the CEO because of the budget deficit.

In response to this unilateral decision, all the staff of Fantagio has gathered to form an emergency response committee and announced that they want JC Group to apologize for their unlawful involvement in running Fantagio and to make sure such inappropriate actions never happen again.

Many artists and actors including Weki Meki, ASTRO, Wanna One‘s Ong Sungwoo, Hello Venus and Suh Kang Joon belong to Fantagio Entertainment and it is unclear how their activities may be affected due to the changes happening in Fantagio Entertainment. If the entire Fantagio staff decides to go on strike, it may negatively impact the activities of their artists.

An insider from the company has stated that they will do everything in their power to not result in a strike so as to not impact their artists’ schedules in this turmoil.

“In light of Na Byung Joon’s dismissal, wrongful transference, removal and more have taken place. We have sent the emergency committee’s statements to the major shareholders and are currently waiting for their response. We’re currently trying to resolve this through conversation. We’re trying not to let this negatively affect our artists, but a strike may be one of the options we have to exercise.”

— Fantagio Entertainment Insider

Source: Star News