“Fantasy Boys” Contestant Comes Under Fire For Fat-Shaming Remarks Towards Fellow Contestants

It’s not the first time his behavior has been criticized.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of dieting, body image issues, or eating disorders that may trigger some readers.

Fantasy Boys is an ongoing K-Pop survival show that first started airing on March 30 this year, where 55 contestants are competing against each other to be chosen as part of a boy group made of trainees from around the world. It’s a male sequel to the show My Teenage Girl, which resulted in the creation of CLASS:y.

Fantasy Boys contestants | MBC

On June 1, previously unseen footage from past episodes of the show was released. And among the footage were clips of behavior from one contestant that has viewers concerned about his potential debut due to how he was seen treating other contestants on the show.


K-Soul is the contestant in question, and the two other competitors that seemed to get the brunt of his harsh comments were Kim Wooseok and Hikari. In one clip, Wooseok shares that K-Soul had commented on a photocard of Hikari, calling it “ugly”. He adds on that K-Soul had also touched his chin and called him “Wooseok with the fat chin”.

Seemingly prompted by Wooseok’s words, K-Soul then reaches out to touch the other contestant on camera and says, “You’re already handsome, but to look more handsome, you should lose some chin fat”.

K-Soul commenting on Kim Wooseok’s chin

Finally, one of the other contestants once again brings up Hikari and his looks, asking K-Soul what he thinks of them. Hikari vocalizes his discomfort by saying “don’t”, but K-Soul promptly calls him a “pig baby” anyway.

You can watch the entire clip below.

The fat-shaming comments have drawn a lot of attention online, with many viewers criticizing his words and calling for people to work together to get K-Soul voted off of the show.

Additionally, this isn’t the first time that K-Soul has been the center of controversy. In the past, he’s been criticized for cultural appropriation, rude attitude, and even faking his age, among other unpleasant behavior.

Whether his behavior is enough to get him voted off of the show is not yet known, but time will tell if his comments have gone too far according to the show’s viewers.