Fashion Designer Kiko Kostadinov Falls In Love With Korea’s Senior Fashion

“This is the real Korean ahjussi look.”

Dongmyo, a neighborhood developed around an ancient shrine in Seoul, has a very popular flea market that sells used and vintage clothing.


This “Dongmyo Market”  was featured on various TV programs, like Non Summit or Infinite Challenge when comedian Jeong Hyeong Don and rapper Defconn took G-Dragon to shop there.

While it used to be a shopping paradise for senior citizens of Korea, it is now a must-check-out tourist spot for a lot of younger fashionistas.


Kiko Kostadinov, the designer behind the recent ASICS brand sneakers fad, also stopped by this Dongmyo Market during his promotional visit to Korea. With a flood of updates to his Instagram, the designer confessed his love of the hipster seniors of Dongmyo!

“Best street in the world.”

— Kiko Kostadinov


Here are some of Kiko Kostadinov’s favorites from his Instagram:


The most genuine “street fashion” that Kiko Kostadinov witnessed in Dongmyo has actually become an inspiration for a lot of Koreans as well.

  • “Honestly though, that bucket hat grandpa is rocking his traditional hanbok two piece.”

  • “Okay, some of the pictures are actually pretty good.”

  • “Can you imagine models wearing these outfits? It could really work.”

  • “This is all very high fashion in disguise, you know.”


  • “It’s sporty, it’s casual. It’s bold, it’s traditional. The mix and match is fascinating. This is the real Korean “ahjussi (아저씨, a term for middle-aged men)” look.”
Source: Dispatch