Fast-Food Chain Wendy’s Unexpectedly Reveals Their K-Pop Bias

Is it really a surprise?

Over the years, American fast-food chains like McDonald’s have garnered attention for publicly posting about K-Pop artists, including BTS, on social media.

BTS | McDonald’s

Now, Wendy’s has unexpectedly joined. While the social media management for Wendy’s is famous for its “unhinged” tweets, comprised of quick-witted sass, it’s not posted much regarding K-Pop until now…

Wendy | Derpixon via Newgrounds

SM Entertainment girl group Red Velvet is preparing to make their comeback with their third album, Chill Kill.

When each member’s mood sampler was released, Wendy’s reposted pictures from the mood samplers, asking, “WHERE IS WENDY?”

Netizens were shocked to see the popular fast-food chain tweet about Red Velvet. Does this mean Wendy’s is a REVELUV?

Netizens are convinced now that they know who Wendy’s ultimate bias is. Who doesn’t love Red Velvet’s Wendy, after all?

Still, Wendy’s question was not answered yet. Where is Wendy?

So, some tried to solve the mystery with Wendy’s. Others even suggested Wendy’s had something to do with it.

Many were more curious to know if Wendy’s was a legit stan. So, they asked for Wendy’s favorite Red Velvet songs.

Netizens suggested Wendy might be busy… eating Wendy’s.

Many are also now asking if perhaps we could get a collaboration. Red Velvet x Wendy’s when? Can we get a red velvet-flavored Frosty?!

Finally, a day later, Red Velvet’s Wendy appeared in her mood sampler, much to Wendy’s excitement!

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