FAVORITE Makes Official Debut In Japan And Fans Couldn’t Be Happier

FAVORITE seems to be a favorite in Japan!

FAVORITE made their debut in Japan on November 6, and are currently holding their Aim! Japan’s 47 Prefectures Relive Tour.

FAVORITE’s Gaeul is a was a participant of the Korean survival audition program PRODUCE 101, which led to the creation of popular girl group I.O.I for a limited time. And, Ahra was a semi-finalist on the program K-Pop Star 6. The 6-member girl group debuted in Korea in 2017, with cute members who have a powerful singing ability.

On the day of their Japanese debut, many fans turned up at the venue to cheer on and celebrate FAVORITE debuting in Japan. They were also greeted by fans holding up a slogan banner with Korean writing on it that read: “Congratulations on debuting in Japan! I love FAVORITE ♡” All the members seemed impressed and were teary over the unexpected surprised.

They performed songs from their Japanese debut album, including the Japanese version of their Korean smash hit “Loca”, known as “Loca-Japanese ver.” in Japan. The members have also been working hard on studying their Japanese to be able to enjoy their time and communicate with Japanese fans. It was an unforgettable time where the group and their fans were able to communicate their love for each other.

Source: kstyle and hmv
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