Fei Admits She Couldn’t Help Crying After Reading Miss A’s Disbandment News

She confessed that she had a hard time letting go.

Fei admitted that she cried after reading the official statement of miss A’s disbandment in an interview with CéCi.


Fei apparently couldn’t hold back her tears because she just couldn’t let go.

Even though she had previously taken time to accept the fact, she apparently had a hard time after reading the news of disbandment since miss A was such a big part of her life.


JYP Entertainment had notified the disbandment of miss A back in December 2017 with the announcement of Jia and Min’s decision not to re-sign with the agency.


At the time, she posted a photo of miss A during their debut days and left a heartfelt message of gratitude towards the group and their fans.

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“It is where we started. It is how I met you all. I will always cherish and love the beautiful memories with #MissA and every one of you who supported and loved us.
Will you now walk on a new path with me and join me on a brand new adventure together?
love my #sayA” ㅡ Fei via Instagram


Fei added that if she were to confront herself 10 years ago, she would have made the same choice since that choice was what created miss A and the Fei that she has become today.

“I’ll still tell myself to make the same choice because if I hadn’t made that choice, there wouldn’t have been miss A or the Wang Fei Fei that I am today.” ㅡ Fei


Meanwhile, Fei has been working on her new movie The Choice. Check out the trailer below!

Source: Twitter and SBS News